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Telescoping Lifter Poles for Ceiling Displays

Installing ceiling displays can be time consuming and dangerous if you aren't using the correct tools. Why put yourself on a ladder when you can just as easily be standing on the floor with one of P.O.P. Superstores Telescoping Pole Kits?

Our Telescoping Poles are made of sturdy, lightweight aluminum tubing and come in two variants. Our first telescoping pole is ideal for standard ceiling stores and can extend from 3' to 10'.

Our second Telescoping Pole set is an ideal choice for big box or superstores with an extension range from 8' to over 18'. Each pole comes complete with our patented socket system that works with the following standardized ceiling hardware;

Telescoping Poles

3'-10' Telescoping Pole Set3'-10' Telescoping Pole Set
The Telescoping Lifter Pole for Ceiling Displays eliminates the liability of ladders. Its size and break-down capability makes it easy to carry into any facility and install ceiling displays by one person.

8'-18' Telescoping Pole Set8'-18' Telescoping Pole Set