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P.O.P. Superstore Information

P.O.P. Superstore was designed for small and medium businesses to have access to smaller quantities of merchandising products without incurring bulk purchase rules or additional "case-break" fees for ordering an amount less than 50$

As a result of this approach to opening a new business style and opportunity to small-mid sized companies, P.O.P. Superstore does have several pieces of information we wish you to be aware of before you purchase.

Questions & Answerers

  • Q. "Do I have to purchase a minimum quantity of merchandising products?"
  • A. Yes, but with a caveat. Generally we sell our products in "set" quantities such as bags or bundles of certain amounts, simply put the quantity of bags/bundles of products in the "Qty" section and the site will automatically update your purchase cost.

    We have made the product quantities as small as we can based off of our previous order experiences to compensate for the need of a purchase that not only is a limited and non-bulk qty, but also should be enough for a small project.

  • Q. "Do products incur any additional charges?"
  • A. Yes, a few of our products incur an additional charge for boxing/shipping. Several of our items are larger than standard shipping options and rather than increase the overall cost throughout the site, we opted to do only the largest of the products. These charges are clearly marked on every product that requires them with a "Boxing Fee" under the primary price.

    Extra charges start at $.95 and are noted on the purchase pages as "Boxing Fee"

  • Q."How about returns?"
  • A. Unfortunately, P.O.P. Superstore does not have an active returns policy. Due to the nature of the Merchandising supply industry, almost all products come bulk-packaged to our main warehouse and must be sorted/packaged into the smaller lot packages that are then made available here online.

    As a result, we ask that you check and double check to be certain that the product you require is in fact the one you need. In many cases the shipping alone to return a package would be more then the product itself and therefore is the reason behind our "No Returns" policy.

    P.O.P.Superstore and its parent company Merchandising Inventives will not be held responsible for any delivery delays due to causes beyond our control once the order has left our facility.

    All orders should be inspected upon arrival for any damage or shortages. In all cases the purchaser assumes all risk of loss or damage to the products in transit and will be responsible for the filing of any claims with the carrier.

    In the event that there is any damage to the shipment, please notify the carrier immediately and mark the bill of lading "damaged".

  • Q. "What if I receive an "out of Stock" notification?"
  • A. From time to time we will have an occasional shortage of product that you request. When this happens, a P.O.P. Superstore representative will contact you to let you know of the delay.

    If you need to cancel the order due to time constraints we will be more than willing to do so, however if time is not a factor most products on back-order ship within 5 business days.
  • Q. "What is this "Boxing Fee" I'm reading about on some products?"
  • A. We're glad you asked! P.O.P Superstore allows for smaller purchases of your favorite merchandising products A few of these products are larger than normal for "standard" shipping.

    As a result, to keep our products prices low, we have instituted a policy that will place the minimal boxing charge on all of our parts we carry. This fee covers the actual cost of the materials we use to make sure your products gets to you in one piece!

  • Q. "All these products you carry are great, but I need not only the products, but the artwork to go along with them. Can you help me?"
  • A. Coming by early 2012 or sooner, P.O.P. Superstore will offer exactly that. A one stop solution for not only your hardware but art-panels as well, professionally designed and printed on heavy stock for your use in your facility.

    We will be adding all sorts of new and exciting possibilities for the smaller business owner in the future. Check back often to see what we're up to!

  • Q. "Say I wish to cancel my order, what are the penalties?"
  • A. P.O.P. Superstore asks that you take the time to review your purchase before you place it. We realize that in some instances that you will need to cancel an order with us. Due to the fact that PO.P. Superstore is unique amongst other point of purchase suppliers, if you wish to return your products, the following information is applicable to you;

    A. ) On average, all P.O.P. Superstore products ship within 48 hours, we therefore give 24 hours from the time of receipt to cancel your order with us.

    B. ) Catch the order before it ships. All orders are charged to your account when they ship. If you can get your cancel order to us before then, we can intercept your order no problem. This does not apply to any "rush" or Overnight deliveries you wish. If you need it tomorrow you'll get it tomorrow, but it cannot be returned.

  • Q. "I have no choice but to cancel AFTER my order has been placed, what do I do?"
  • A. P.O.P. Superstore asks that if this is the case, please contact our customer service immediately at [email protected] where we will issue you with an RMA#. Notice of cancellation MUST be made in writing and ATTACHED to the email before an RMA# is issued.

    Cancellations of orders through P.O.P. Superstore are subject to a 50% charge on the product and Full charge on the Boxing Fee associated with the product.