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Megarama® 3-Sided Mobile System

Sometimes there's only one size you need in your ceiling, shelf, or floor display....and thats MEGA! The Megarama® Mobile Display System from P.O.P. Superstore is just that. Its patented three-sided display is super-sized to accommodate that largest of display panels, from 30"w to an astonishing 60 inches!

But don't let its size fool you, like its smaller cousins the Triarama® and the Mini-Triarama®, the Megarama® can be used as either a ceiling, shelf or floor display with a minimum of additional parts including a motor to add motion to your advertisement.

The Megarama® fully utilizes the ceiling as an advertising area, and its ease of use is only matched by its durability and construction.

The Megarama® comes complete with free hanging hardware listed below included.

  • Part # 8600MEG - Comes with Free Twist-On® ceiling attachment, 4' of metal chain and 2-"S" hooks

Megarama® hardware includes:

Free Hanging Hardware Included