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Ceiling Display Hardware specification sheet

Listed are the instructions and inmportant information for the hanging of ceiling displays and using our hardware.

Twist-On®, Mini Twist-On®, Twist-On 2®

& other hanging elements: Twist-Onís® are designed to support lightweight signs and are intended for indoor use only. Certain displays or environments may result in unsafe conditions. Instruction must be carefully followed to avoid improper use.

1.) Twist-Onís® are designed for indoor use at a room temperature between 50° and 80° F. Cooler or warmer environments may reduce the fixture strength. Any display attached to a Twist-On® should not be mounted in the direct path of an alarm motion security sensor or heating and air conditioning duct.

2.) Twist-Onís® are designed for use with a standard 1Ē suspended ceiling channel. Channel must be free of dirt or contaminants and must be in perfect structural conditions when attaching a Twist-Onģ. Check carefully before installing.

3.) Attach Twist-Onís® by lining up tabs with ceiling and turning counter clockwise until Twist-On® is securely locked onto ceiling channel. Make sure that the Twist-On® is securely locked into ceiling channel before attaching any signage. All other ceiling connectors sold in this catalog are designed for the use with either a standard ceiling channel or from an open truss, bar, or pipe beam.

1.) All surfaces used to attach connector must be free of dirt or contaminants and must be in a perfect structural condition when attaching a ceiling connector.

2.) Make sure that ceiling connectors securely lock into place on ceiling channel, truss bar or pipe before attaching any signage to connector.

Important Notice To The Purchaser

Purchaser should determine suitability for his/or her application of any product herein and assumes all risk and liability what so ever in connection there with. Neither the seller nor manufacturer shall be libel for any injury, loss or damage direct or consequent arriving out of the use of such product. If purchasing and repacking Merchandising Inventives Inc. hanging elements, it is purchaserís responsibility to repackage warning instructions found in original packaging into new packaging.